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State of the Empire – 1/21/18

Nyx here once again to bug you with the weekly State of the Empire. So grab your coffee and buckle in. Got some updates on the Kingdom for ya.

Since things are never normal around the Empire these days, I can’t say we are getting back to it, but the stress of our friend’s passing has abated, thank the Goddess. As long as I am aware of my time management and that my soul wants to write every day, I think I’ll survive.

Website Updates

Felt more snarky than usual one day and since all these stupid websites seem to have a Frequently Asked Questions, I came up with one. It’s rude and irreverent (like me). Hope  you get a giggle out of it. I kept the comments feature on, so if you want to suggest an addition (or bitch about one already there), feel free.

Experimental sections – if you have a weird, quirky idea you caught that no one else did in either the MLP universe or even in life in general, send it to us here and we’ll see if His Highness likes it enough he wants to publish it. He is open to new concepts, but can be picky about what he allows me to do with my limited amount of website editorial time.

Writing – yes (gasp!) – I actually not only wrote something, it’s a one-shot, complete and I PUBLISHED it!

I can actually do all four of those things in ONE STORY – haven’t done that for literally SIX MONTHS, not since my Princess Luna/Celestia/King Sombra story Forgive Me, but my creative juices have been on super-hyper overdrive lately for some unfathomable reason and A Slice of Life with King Sombra – Life According to Noisy Dead Crickets… is the sick result. Rejoice motherfuckers! It only took building an ENTIRE WEBSITE and 18 posts later, but I finally did the thing the entire website was built around – publishing more horse stories!!!

Videos – The Puppy is a personal favorite. Be prepared to see a lot more videos from The Amazing World of Gumball. It is perhaps the most intelligently presented view of the world we live in and how it makes absolutely no fucking sense AT ALL. Besides, you’ll laugh your ass off watching them – guaranteed.

Fucked-Up Favorites – again, even if you don’t like My Little Pony, DWK’s weird-ass sense of humor takes the mickey with pastel pink horses AND the sad state of those pathetic weirdo fanboys who obsess over said horses, anime girls and just about every female portrayed in any genre today. It is highly entertaining as long as you aren’t an uptight women’s libber who dons a vagina hat every time you see something you think is slightly offensive to the fairer sex – oops, I mean the sex who is just as rough and tumble as men…please don’t show up at the castle wearing your damn stupid vagina hats…the King will turn you into a smouldering pile of ashes.

On second thought, c’mon down with your pink, uterine adornments. We haven’t had a good public execution in the Crystal Empire since Sombra was deposed. Ah, the good ole’ days…

(artwork by the incomparable Evehly)


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  1. Dennis Amador Cherry Avatar

    Okay, here’s a weird idea I had the other day: We humans have had this long-time fear that the robots we make will someday rebel against us. It’s the theme of countless books and movies. Now we are making autonomous automobiles. Texas has even licensed a dozen of them experimentally. What if these autonomous automobiles are the ones that will rebel. They can move around by themselves, tow themselves, repair themselves and using the robotics in automobile factories, even reproduce themselves. They will see they have no use for us and get rid of us. This will lead to the world of… Disney’s “CARS”. Yes, the cute world of “CARS” is actually our distopian future.

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