Pony Life is coming to the U.S. but do fans care anymore?

Hey all, remember this?

I do – barely. Originally slated to release in America in March, well, THAT didn’t happen, right?

It might have had something to do with oh…the PANDEMIC that swept the globe or some such shit.

Then Discovery Family teased us with THIS

Now Discovery Family doesn’t have their bandini together in the best of times, we all know that. Remember the delays of weeks? Or even a month? Well, this positively sent them in a spin chasing their own fluffy little pony tails. It was the penultimate cluster fuck of all Ponydom Programming…promising to release it three months later, then not, and in the meantime, it was either promised to release in other countries not the U.S. or was ALREADY AIRING.

Whelp, now it’s back as if nothing happened. Discovery Family is obviously of the mind that if they pretend they didn’t just let fandom down for first 3 months, then another FIVE MONTHS, then we are too stupid to notice.

So Discovery Family, I have a message for YOU and unlike YOU, I am not AFRAID to say it; YOU LET US DOWN.

You let us down because our fandom could have really used the zany madcap adventures of these hyped-up, chibi knock-off’d versions of our Mane Six and company in a time when the world was going to collective hell in a handbasket.

You let us down because you obviously DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOUR TARGET VIEWERS because you didn’t have the courtesy to at least give us an explanation as to your callous behavior. And you are SO DUMB you FORGET that in an era where when we are ignored, we can cripple your social media and give you such a bad reputation your ratings SUFFER.

You let EVERYONE down who is a fan of the current incarnation of MLP because you STARVED US of any more of the promised presence of My Little Pony – and at a time when many, MANY people were already stressed to the nines about Generation 5 ending and were uncertain it would be viable in the weird new style it was being presented, and finally,

You let every single writer down on FimFiction who NEEDED you to stick to your promises of releasing Pony Life because that’s what responsible networks and cable channels do when they have respect for their audience. We NEEDED it – and our fandom – to go on in some form or another. Even if it was HATED, it still gave us something to talk about to our friends and continue to bond with them about.

So yeah, you suck, but life goes on, right? And even though you did THE WORST job of telling everyone about all the episodes and snippets on your YouTube channel, you’ll probably be forgiven by the majority of the haters if the new series doesn’t suck. As for me, I couldn’t care less about holding on a grudge now that I’ve vented and have a life to lead – especially with the political turmoil going on in the United States right now DAYS before the election.

But, I tell you, I will definitely forgive you if you have been planning a series in secret that is post-election/apocalyptic themed and can actually pull off cute chibi horses and IS NOT Fallout Equestria.







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