FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Got inspired to do a FAQ (or Frequently Asked Questions) page one night when it was too late to start writing another scene or chapter. Have fun with it.

Q – Man, you have a King Sombra problem (from the look of things). Is this a shrine to your obsession with him?
A – Could be. Though I fake having a balanced, real life to my fan-friend’s utter surprise. I also hold down a full-time job and adult so well, my job made me lead shift at my work. Just don’t tell them I do really get into a good villain when I write about them.

Q – Oh…so this is about your writing?
A – Guess the secrets out after answering the first question. You get extra brownie points if you can guess from the look of this website who I write about, LMAO!

Q – How long have you been writing?
A – My earliest memory of writing is in fifth grade. I was born to write. I was reading college level in third grade (yes, THIRD grade) and excelled in spelling, but sucked (and still do) in English as far as the mechanics of sentence structure.

Q – Where are you from and where do you live now?
A – Heh, that would be telling. Since this is a public post, let me just channel my OC and say I am from the My Little Pony Universe, 1,000 years before the current (2018) t.v. series, in the time of King Sombra’s reign. If you make the effort to get to know me better and are a sane person, I will tell you where I live in real life. If you are a weirdo, I will tell you nicely (if you are nice to me) to fuck off.

Q – Do you participate in NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month?
A – Nope. Too busy writing to, ironically. Someone once told me it was a minimum of writing 1,200 (or thereabouts) words per day to get to the goal of 50K. That takes me anywhere from 1 1/2 – 2 hours. While that is what I like to spend writing per day, I simply don’t HAVE that time EVERY DAY, so I do not participate.

Q – What degrees do you have in writing?
A – Yes. “What” degrees? None. I have a natural-born gift to tell stories. ’nuff said.

Q – I have ideas but can’t write. Will you write something for me?
A – Depends. I don’t work for free. The universe demands equivalent exchange in all things and so do I. Check out my rates on my Patreon page.

If you don’t have cash, maybe you have something to trade. Feel free to ask. It never hurts to ask.

Q – But I have some great ideas. Will you write them for free?
A – You have great ideas and so do I. Mine are more important to me than yours are to get down in writing and again, I DON’T WORK FOR FREE.

Q – But they are really good ideas and I’ll give you credit for writing them.
A – Of course you will if I write them, but again, NO. In fact, stop talking now and GO AWAY.

Q – I’m a fan of the Princesses more than King Sombra. Have anything for me?
A – I have so many undeveloped ideas and written story segments that you’d think I was their biggest fan, lol!

For princess action in my published stories, check these out:

new from Hail King Sombra Pink Alicorn Blues (Cadence) (completed Sept. 21, 2018)


Forgive Me (Daybreaker, Celestia’s nightmare self vs. her sister Luna)

Heavy is the Crown (Luna heavy with a smattering of Celestia)


The Prince’s New Sweater (Cadence & Princess Celestia)

The Birthday Wish (Luna intensive, again with a bit of Celestia)

Q – Can we get together and hang at a convention?
A – Sure, but only if you are a nice, sane fan who isn’t batshit crazy or a stalker. I’ve had enough of those in my life. Ask me about the times I was a jewelry dealer at a local convention for years and every time a particular stalker came in, people warned me and I hid under the table – literally (true story). I don’t hide under tables anymore (there aren’t any tables to hide under in hotel lobbies, generally), but I will ignore you if you are annoying me.

Q – Can we hang online?
A – Again sure, but see the above answer. I don’t waste time with weirdos, fans trying to hit on me or trolls. Approach me nicely and I’ll be nice to you and we can hang. I do ask for a lot of time NOT hanging for stuff like real-life work (full time), time with my husband, downtime (I am a fan of daytime naps when I need them), playing with my cat and of course, writing.

Q – Do you write clop?
A – Yes. None is published as of yet, but yes, as a grown adult with natural procreative urges, I do like my pony porn. My stories are always tagged as such, so there will be no unpleasant surprises if you start reading and two or more horses get together and start doing the “horizontal tango” as my resident artist loves to say.

Q – How can you write such smut?
A – Easy, I sit down at my computer and start typing away. How can YOU ask such silly questions?

Q – Are you Christian?
A – No. Are you? If it matters to you that much you have to ask, you probably aren’t going to enjoy my stories. Does that answer your question?

Q – Who did you vote for in the last election?
A – You don’t need to know to enjoy my stories and NONE of your damn business (see above). Here’s a hint though – if it means that much to you to find out, get away from me you social justice warrior freak, you.

Q – You haven’t updated anything in over two years. Did you stop writing?
A – Stopped writing King Sombra fic, yes. Writing in general, no. In July 2019, I went back to writing on a story I began way back in 2000 – yes, 2000 – that is an original work of pagan fantasy fiction. It is called, “The Dragonfly Temple Chronicles”. I retooled my Patreon page to reflect the change and have been writing on it steadily ever since, except for a 6-month slow-down stop-and-start period when I was trapped in one of the worst caregiving jobs of my entire life. Now that that period of my life is over, I am moving forward again. If you want to see the new project and website, it is at whocate.info.

If you are curious about anything else, leave a comment and I’ll add it to the above Qs & As.