The King Sombra Chronicles Project by Hail King Sombra

Live Writing Workshopping on the StalkerCast Today!

Today on the StalkerCast on Picarto TV, we’ll be working live with blue-hart on the outline, characters and ideas for the story he’s commissioned me to write for you. C’mon in and see how I work with peeps to whip their fantasies ideas into a coherent shape that’ll be publishable on FIMFiction.

Seriously, tho, there’ll be no clop [i.e. fantasies of the dirty kind] on the livecast…it’ll be safe for all to attend.)

Time: 12:00 noon Pacific Time (about half an hour from now)
Place: Hail King Sombra on Picarto TV

We’ll be there for two hours (possibly a tick longer), so come in whenever. If we have time, I’ll talk about my plans and additions this past week to the new Hail King Sombra website.

Later and remember to always

Hail King Sombra!


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