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A Slice of Life with King Sombra – Life According to Noisy Dead Crickets…

This is the second in an installment of drabbles (the first to be written here, but inspired by a stand-alone scene in our story, “Sombra of the Sith” on

(As told by Nyx – resident TimeWitch to his Royal Progressiveness)

The answer was obvious – I just was thrown where it led our conversation while in the bathing pools…


“Yes, Consort?”

“Didn’t we have a cricket chirping in the baths two days ago?”

The King thought about this while spending an inordinate amount of time making sure my nipples were perfectly clean and, as he put it, “suitable for an appearance in court”, even though he insists I cover them up in public.


“What?” the hooves left my erotic zones as he was brought back to reality.

“The cricket…chirping…in the baths?”

The King nodded. “It was rather soothing to hear,” he admitted.

“It was that cat you keep around to keep mice out of our timezone, wasn’t it Somby?” I frowned.

He made a face at the mention of the cat. “I do not like cats – evil things!”

This comment from the King of Fear was so absurd I almost laughed. I have a strong sense of self-preservation. If I had laughed, I would have had to explain WHY I had laughed and if I had, the Crystal Empire would have heard my death screams across every timezone it had ever existed in.


Neatly dodging the subject of who was more evil, The Tyrant of the Crystal Empire or a cat, I sprang into action, “I guess loud crickets don’t live long.”

“And crickets that aren’t loud don’t get laid,” Sombra said impulsively to that.

If my eyes hadn’t been attached to my brain, they would have been floating in the hot, steamy water with us at that remark, so casually uttered by a medieval king predating the term “laid”.

“I really shouldn’t take you to any more 60’s love-ins,” I muttered…



2 responses to “A Slice of Life with King Sombra – Life According to Noisy Dead Crickets…”

  1. Lorenzo Avatar

    you made my day.

  2. Dennis Amador Cherry Avatar

    I feel bad for the cricket. If he doesn’t chirp loud enough, he doesn’t get a girlfriend. But if he chirps too loud, he gets eaten. I wonder if crickets ever just decide to become monks.

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