New Story Alert: The Meeting Time Unwound

Story The Meeting Time Unwound by Hail King Sombra

What if?

The idea for The Meeting Time Unwound hit me like a ton of bricks almost six weeks ago in the middle of a very hectic weekend. It was the buttcrack of dawn and I was getting ready for an MLP party we were having at our house. At the same time I was frantically juggling our budget and working both old and new clients in an effort to save up for our vacation to Babscon.

In all the middle of this, TMTU came to be born (don’t ask me how or why!).

I was nosing around DeviantArt and came across this piece of gorgeous artwork that nearly took my breath away. As inspiration will do always in the quiet and calm of late night and predawn hours, my brain suddenly went, “What if Tirek had succeeded? What if he had decimated the colorful land of ponies? Then there would be NO return of King Sombra in Season 9!”

I know more than a handful of King Sombra writers and fans that would be upset about that AND a certain TimeWitch who would not have stood for it in the least! She knew it was an aberration of time’s rightful course if the power demon were to succeed, so she fixed it…with a little help from someone you dear readers have not met yet.

If you think I’m going to tell you who that is, you’re seriously kidding yourself. Go read it and find out. In the short time I’ve written this, it’s already gotten two likes on FIMFiction, so it’s gotta be good.

Peace out!



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