The King Sombra Chronicles Project

The King Sombra Chronicles Project by Hail King Sombra

The King Sombra Chronicles Project is our journey to immortalize our King of Shadows through art, writings and song. Here you will find status updates on various writers, authors, bloggers and video creators who are all working towards immortalizing Our King.

Join us in this adventure. Links to our own personal creative outlets are in the sidebar on the home and other pages of the ‘site.

King Sombra Fanfic Writers News

Hail King Sombra
Status – on hiatus since May 2019
Most Recently Published Story – The Meeting Time Unwound

Status – on writing hiatus since December 2020. Still publishing blogs as of 9/17/21.
Most Recently Published Story – Rage of a Queen, wrath of a Mother

Boomstick Mick
Status – albeit this update on Boomstick Mick is too long delayed (penned 9/23/21). His hiatus is long past and he’s writing once again. After an 8-month absence upon which I gave up all hope of ever seeing another chapter, he started up again in March 2020. I was long gone from the FIMFiction scene and only just today checked on him. June 2021 is the latest chapter. I might just wait until the story is complete before reading a chapter that will kill me with waiting for the next!
Most Recently Published Story – Dark Arts and Kind Hearts