Who Makes This ‘site Possible…

This website is a labor of love and the culmination of more than just the weeks’ worth of work up to this point to create it. It reflects three wonderful, creative years of storytelling on FIMFiction.net that have by far been the most productive, most worthwhile years of living for me on this planet.

Just as there are no “self-made” millionaires, this website could not have been possible without my husband and the people on FIMFiction who believe in my writing; the deep friendships I have forged on this journey so far and my amazing backers on Patreon – who in many cases are the aforementioned friends.

Goddess Bless you all and with your help, may this humble TimeWitch continue to bring you the very best quality in storytelling, inspired by his majesty, the King of Shadows…

Hall of Shadows

Dennis Amador Cherry – my “King of Shadows” and Royal Consort since 1989. The one I walk through life and time with, who is a wonderful writer in his own right and who listens to my endless stream of story ideas and scenes without a single complaint whatsoever about a character he has no personal interest in. The one who balances my talent when it tends to go too far in one direction or another. Truly he is the one who has brought out the best in my “cutie mark’s” gift for telling the tales of the soul.

Pixel_Spark – a dear, dear friend who’s incredible talent for drawing His Majesty I have had the privilege to nurture with love and encouragement these past three years. The world doesn’t appreciate you or your gift of art enough and certainly doesn’t deserve you!

Hermann Gunnar SigurĂ°sson – my real-life “Rockhoof” – a stalwart, loyal friend who is among the best writers of King Sombra stories I know.