The Pony Pixels Preview on Hail King Sombra

Pixels in the Shadows…

Beware the pixels in the shadows that have movement and breath of their own…


One response to “Pixels in the Shadows…”

  1. Askre Avatar

    Bit of a creators commentary here. This was done during a botched live stream, I kept having trouble with the live stream programs, turned out I was having some internet trouble without realizing it.

    And no that’s not Sombra’s shadow on the floor, that is in fact another Sombra, yes there are two Sombra’s in the picture. This was done in reference to an earlier comic where King Sombra says he plans to invite Prince Temor’s currently dead father on a double dragon hunt.

    I always like to imagine that Sombra has a deep seethed hatred for Spike because people keep joking how he as defeated by a baby dragon, when in truth Spike was falling to his doom and would have been a pancake if not for Shining Armor’s timely fast ball special of his wife.

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