shadow poem by Askre from The Pony Pixels as showcased on Hail King Sombra

From the Shadows I do Rise…

“From the shadows, I do rise,
In the darkness, I survive.
Hate is my meat; Fear is my wine.
So tell me, my little ones.
What do you hate, what do you fear?
For the Shadow King is hungry.
And you are his next meal.”


2 responses to “From the Shadows I do Rise…”

  1. Lorenzo Avatar

    this is cool!

  2. Askre Avatar

    Commentary from the creator. I wrote this poem for my story Possession in the Crystal Empire. King Sombra recites it at the end as he is slowly in smoke form heading towards hapless victims. The inspiration for this poem comes from an Icelandic ghost story, when a woman is haunted and driven mad by the spirit of a baby she left out for dead (an unfortunately common practice in Iceland back in the olden times) . The ghost of the baby sings this haunting song just suddenly out of the blue as the woman is at work milking and complaining about not having a dress for a party and the baby offers the garments it was wearing when left outside.

    I kept picturing Sombra reciting this poem in a similar soft, gentle and haunting tone of voice.

    The image itself was done quite honestly to showcase how King Sombra is Private Iceland’s personal demon that he may just never get rid of.

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