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State of the Empire – 1/28/18

Hello all. Hope everyone’s last week was better than mine. Despite the insanity, I come to bring you the State of the Empire this past week.

A Week of NO FUN

While things in the empire are running smoothly and improving every week, this TimeWitch had a bumpy last seven days. I saw the Royal Dentist for a root canal. It went smoothly during the procedure. He was able to salvage just enough tooth to attach a temporary onto, but then it was a pain during the next two days.

The next day I felt so wobbly I couldn’t stay at work and left after only three hours. Taking Thursday off to recover was the best move I could have made and helped a ton. I felt nearly normal by Friday night.


The home page has been slightly redesigned, adding polls and links to my stories on FIMFiction.net. Please consider hopping over there and reading them. Eventually they will be housed here, but for now, since my followers started over there, it made sense to link back to that archive.

I’ve schedule a small slew of YouTube videos for the next few Fridays. Gallifrey One is coming next month and  I will be mostly unavailable during the convention (February 15th – 18th). Include the 14th during which we have LobbyCon, the happy party in the hotel lobby where the Brits get drunk the night before. Count me out of communication on that evening as well as we go watch the drunks and party without the liquor part.

And speaking of YouTube videos, a few of you will probably want to save the videos you see here. A tool we use around the castle to hoard and store them in the royal treasure vaults is called, YouTube Downloader. It’s free and we’ve been using it for years, so we highly recommend it. Snag it for yourselves as these videos come and go like the wind and you never know when you’ll log in one day to watch one and POOF, they’re gone!

There are still some issues to address on the website such as “invisible” links that blend into the background color on the blog pages. Haven’t had time to shoot off a tech support email to get that resolved yet. Hoping to do that in the next few days.

See you slaves, er subject next week!


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