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State of the Empire – 1/14/18


It’s Nyx, here with the State of the Empire once again. It’s been a tough week to get through. We lost a dear friend and his memorial was last Sunday, so I’ve needed some additional downtime to be able to function at mundane things like work. I am convinced human culture doesn’t give ponies (and people) enough mourning time to deal with such powerful events in one’s life.


  • The default user image now shows a crystal slave being harassed by Sombra eyes – a famous image to all who are King Sombra fans. It looks like this:

Sombra's crystal slave

Pretty cool, right?

I’ve been paying more attention to working on blog material and pages and articles that will go up when the new, improved template is ready and admittedly using the work as a coping device. UPDATE – the new template IS up…you’re looking at it.

My sleep schedule was screwed up so much Friday morning through yesterday I slept three hours Thursday night, stayed up four and was so damaged I called in sick because I couldn’t walk a straight line from bed to the bathroom. Ever shower leaning against the wall ’cause you’re worried you’ll fall down and drown in your own tub? Now I know what that feels like…and I don’t even DRINK!

Keeping up with the website

subscribe-box-to-hail-king-sombra-website-updatesSo there is an easy way to keep up with us. Subscribe to the website feed via this here little ‘ole box in the sidebar of many if not all ‘site pages:








If your subscription succeeded, you will get this message in the box:


When you get the email confirmation in your inbox, it then gives you a choice of subscribing either by emails to your inbox or through WordPress. I also make announcements on our FIMFic page, Hail King Sombra, but those are only once a week (usually) and I won’t include direct URLs to blog posts like the feed will give you.

What you can expect in the coming week

  • Launching of our Art Resources area so you can see where we get our demented ideas for images.
  • “Fucked-up Favorites” – videos that spoof the best and worst of My Little Pony episodes by the man us stalkers STALK – the King of Sickness himself, video sensation DWK.
  • And FINALLY some updates on our newest story ideas – that IS why you’re here, isn’t it?

(artwork by the incomparable Evehly)

This is Nyx, overworked concubine to his Royal Hotness. And remember, whereever you go in Equestria this week, always

Hail King Sombra!


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