StalkerCast, Website Updates and other crap

(Reposted from my FIMFic blog of 1/14/18)

Our LiveCast today on Picarto TV

I don’t think you need an account over on Picarto TV to stalk us, but in case you go over there and can’t get into the chat, create a free account and jump into the conversation. C’mon, get yur butts in and STALK ME and other Sombraphiles today at 12:00 noon, Pacific Time (i.e. in LESS than an hour!) at Hail King Sombra on Picarto TV.

The Website

The website is starting to pick up steam with tons more articles in the queue and our new template in place (you won’t notice a difference from earlier days ’cause it’s the pro [paid for] version of the template we already had.) We are also starting to get more traffic, which not only RULES but means more Sombraphiles outside of FIMFiction will start to take notice of us. So…if you contribute to content here (like Pixel and her artwork), more and more peeps will notice you.

‘later and remember to always

Hail King Sombra!



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