State of the Empire – 9/16/18

MLP Rockhoof booped on Hail King SombraKing Sombra took the day off because it’s Tale Weaver’s birthday, so the State of the Empire is being brought to you by none other than my second favorite pone – Rockhoof!

So…I try not to get irritated by bloggers on my feed on FIMFiction, but once in a while I fight back the urge to react to an entry, look for a way to turn it into a positive reaction. It’s hard when someone says, “this is stupid” and “it could have been done better” without justification to either position.

At least in the first review I read on the episode, “A Rockhoof and a Hard Place”, the reviewer gave reasons for why they were saying the episode was basically dumb. Their “could have been done better” reaction also had at least a “this is what I would have done” follow up and I can respect they gave what they felt was a better scenario.

Did this calm down my knee-jerk reaction to their post? A little, but I still have that annoying, “I have to tell you my opinion RIGHT NOW” response that I am channeling into this post before I go and say something impulsive and dumb I shouldn’t and risk pissing off someone for no good reason.

I will serve the universe much better if I just vent a little here, go write a better story with this hot, celtic hunk of pone, then go off and respond in a calm, rational, reasonable tone that will garner more respect than rotten tomatoes. I would be replying on their turf, after all, and when their readers read my response, it would be unwise to spout off and have them all gang up on me.

See? This is what stopping, thinking and planning gets you in life. Less stress and no flame wars.

So am I going to tell you why I loved A Rockhoof and a Hard Place? Nope. Not here. That’s for another blog post here or over on FIMFiction. Haven’t decided where yet. I’m just going to tell you about the rest of what we have planned in the Empire for this upcoming week.

After I finish this post, I’m going to tackle the last chapter of Pink Alicorn Blues and it’ll be done (update – it’s DONE!). I have a germ of an idea for a sequel, but it’ll haveta wait in the queue behind all my other, more pressing ideas. One of those is the premiere of my new story, “The King of El Dorado”. This will somehow, someway get posted Sunday morning despite my attending WordCamp L.A. all next weekend. You think Rockhoof is determined? You’ve never met me when I’m stubborn enough to get something impossible done.

Because I will be thusly occupied, Stalk Me While I Write (aka StalkerSunday) has been moved to Monday at 12:00 noon pacific time. Mark this on your calendars and cellphones, all ye stalkers!







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  1. Dennis Amador Cherry Avatar
    Dennis Amador Cherry

    Love the picture. “Rockhoof, I chose you!”

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