State of the Empire – 9/9/18

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So where the Tartarus have I been?

So the last time I did one of these things was FIVE MONTHS AGO. Urgh. Okay, so here’s a State of the Empire to bring everypony up to speed.

As those that watch the homepage horsewords written count for the year know, I’ve been steadily jacking that thing up every week in August and September as I write like a mad pony on my new fic yet to be premiered entitled, “The King of El Dorado”. This is the story to follow up on my consistently-published chapter-a-week on “Pink Alicorn Blues“. In fact, this coming Friday will be the next-to-last chapter on PAB and a week later will conclude. I will be premiering El Dorado either this week or next as I have a comfortable bumper crop of EIGHTEEN (18) chapters written so far!

With El Dorado weighing in at 29,441 words so far (and we’ve barely started!) and Pink Alicorn Blues at 17,860 words, those two alone are 47,300 words of the whopping 102,588 horsewords I’ve churned out this year alone. This easily surpasses my first year (and most prolific) of 92,100 words and I am by no means done yet.

The ups and downs of running an Empire

We’ve had some rotten things happen these last five months, but also wonderful things…our beloved cat of 12 amazing years died last month and my husband Dennis took on greater responsibility in the Greater Los Angeles Writer’s Society (GLAWS). Everything else has kind of been smaller ups and downs in the background, but things remain steady as far as employment and those day-to-day things that revolve around having a stable income. I am at the same time, so proud of him for his achievement after five years of non-stop volunteer work for GLAWS and yet was devastated by the passing of the only other constant in our little home, our beloved Rhubarb. I include in the horsewords count a small tribute to him and his importance in our lives and how his passing away affected us. You can read his story here.

Other things have happened, such as my opening a non-MLP writer’s account at Royal Road, but I will speak of these in another post so they have the proper attention and this doesn’t become an info dump on you all. Stop by more often as I will endeavor to be more consistent in postings now that I have a better idea of how my writing schedule will work around work and chores. And remember, one and all, to always

Hail King Sombra!


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  1. Dennis Amador Cherry Avatar

    You fell behind? i just read this post now (9/23/18) from 9/9/18.

    Where the heck have I been?

    Oh, Yeah. With you.

  2. Dennis Anador Cherry Avatar
    Dennis Anador Cherry

    You fell behind? I just read this post now (9/23/18) from 9/9/18.

    Where the heck have I been?

    Oh, yeah, with you.

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