A new redemption/Christmas story

A principal celestia and sunset shimmer story by Hail King Sombra

Okay, I know this website is less than 12 hours old and I know I added in the sidebar that I am on a hiatus from Stalk Me While I Write Sunday livecasting and finally I KNOW this is CHRISTMAS in the United States and in the rest of the English-speaking world, BUT I got hit with a story idea that is PERFECT for the meaning behind the theme of today’s holiday!

To that end, I am doing a special livecast at 11:30 am Pacific Time on our Picarto TV channel at HailKingSombra.

The only hints I am giving you at to its content is the image at the top of this article and the tagline which will appear as the short description on our FIMFiction story archive:

“Even the worst person in the world deserves a shot at redemption during the holidays.”

So, if you are lonely today or done with your holiday cheer, grab your egnogg, your MLP plushies and sit ’round the flame of a warm chatroom and the friends who have stuck with me in telling the tales of King Sombra. Come visit us live in less than an hour as I weave a holiday story of love, redemption and colorful Equestria Girls that will be fit for a King (uh, our King!).


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