Our Journey Through the Shadows…

I have always had a passion for writing – especially about the bad guys. Give me one that is barely fleshed out as far as motives and a back story and so much the better.

This is what I discovered in early 2015 when I fell obsessively, hopeless in love with a My Little Pony character named King Sombra. He is the perfect mixture of mystery, terrifying presence and potential for an origin that would make anyone’s heart ache. And I am determined to do him justice by retelling his tale.

Through his stories you will learn why The Denial of One’s True Love can create the Worst Evil, cruelty to a child will bring forth a monster in its adult life and most of all, you will learn why we instinctively fear the shadows…

Join me on this journey as I weave our King’s tales in Dark Crystal Fires: The King Sombra Chronicles.







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