Babscon 2019 – Be Gentle, it’s our First

Princess Twilight and Sunset Shimmer want to drive to Babscon 2019 with Hail King Sombra

On the Road Again!

Hey all, what a momentous day! After the chaos up to and including the final season premiere of My Little Pony, we are getting a break! This is our first vacation in FIVE YEARS and only our second MLP convention EVER. So going to Babscon today is more exciting in our house than you can possibly imagine. It couldn’t even dampen the fact we had to get up at 4:30 in the freakin’ morning to make it up to the San Francisco Bay Area by the time the dealer’s room officially opens. Yup, that’s right, and I was actually able to get up ’cause I am so screwed up sleep-wise anyway these days.

We did, however, have some challenges even before we got on the road…

Hey, let me drive!

First of all, Tale Weaver’s two girls thought it would be fun if they took over the driving chores.

Ladies, ladies, I MUST protest…it’s SIX A.M. . You got up at 4:30 a.m. . You haven’t had enough sleep to be driving safely today!

They didn’t listen, as usual, and Tale Weaver was not against the idea of them driving and not him, except, well, for the safety part. I was outvoted.

King Sombra taking the wheel to Babscon 2019 with Hail King Sombra

Who exactly is driving here?!?

Guess who also wasn’t tolerating them as drivers of HIS chariot. Yeah…that pony…or shadow…or demon…whatever he/it is. Have you ever tried to argue with a demon shadow that he needs a license, has to be, well, human and take a driver’s test to actually be allowed by the law to get behind the wheel? When he is the law in his own country, it isn’t the most successful argument.

And this here was only the beginning of the strangeness that was this trip, believe me. When he saw Princess Luna’s moon in the skies over the direction we were going, he hijacked the car and forced Tale Weaver towards it as fast as humanly possible.

It was a miracle he didn’t impale the car with crystals when she sank below the horizon because we weren’t “swift enough” to catch up to her. I think the distraction of Dennis insisting he drive so we don’t die was enough to make him forget his sky-bound lover. Still, I am amazed that worked since shadows and demons don’t/won’t/can’t die. My theory was that Tale and I were too happy and excited about escaping even for a scant four days that all that positive emotional outpouring in his close proximity was too confusing for him.

Let’s hope so ’cause next time I’m going to have to pull out the same tactical strategies when we board a plane for our next pony convention getaway.






3 responses to “Babscon 2019 – Be Gentle, it’s our First”

  1. Tale Weaver Avatar

    My secret for getting the King to stop insisting on driving? I told him our car’s name is Shining Armor, after that he wanted nothing to do with it. – Tale Weaver

  2. Askre Avatar

    Well at least you managed to get there, relatively problem free. XD

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