State of the Empire – 4/1/18

I DESPISE April’s Fools pranks or any other pranks, so don’t expect them here. I just want to put that out there right up front for everyone’s assurance.

Things are moving slowly, but at last I’ve started writing again. I put myself on a strict schedule that relegates work to the weekdays, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm and that’s it. No work on the weekends or evenings, period. After two weeks on this schedule, my brain got the message and creativity has started to creep back into my routine…sneaking in story ideas when I’m more relaxed and not thinking of anything in particular, hitting me when I just lay down for bed, or am in the shower or am driving. This may sound hella inconvenient, but it’s how my brain rolls and it is a very good sign that I’m on the right track to writing again. This week I began the next chapter of Frozen Shadows – an insanely complicated time travel story that had me stalled, struggling to outline the remaining timeline events months ago in the hopes it would help me get back to churning out chapters (which it didn’t). Other little stresses are out of the way as well – a car that threatened to have both the transmission and engine implode on me at the same time and an extremely tight first month making payments on a new used car as we got used to another chunk taken out of our monthly budget. But now all is on the right track to allowing me to get back to what I love – writing.

So with the new season of My Little Pony upon us, feel free to come to the Stalker Sunday livecasts and tell us what you think of the episodes and the new direction of the show – or just come and lurk and hear us sound off about it. We don’t mind silent stalkers, hence the name of the chat.

One last thing before I get to writing for the evening – please keep our Sombra writer and co-website author Askre in your thoughts and prayers. His father took a bad fall today and was found unconscious. The last update I heard was that he was taken to the hospital and our friend is waiting for an update to his condition. After his grandmother’s passing just last week, this is another harsh blow for him (indeed, anyone) to weather so soon. We wish your father a full and speed recovery, Askre.

Take care all and remember to always

Hail King Sombra!





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  1. Dennis Amador Cherry Avatar

    But what if your brain is just pranking you into thinking it’s gotten creative again?

    Thinking of you, Askre.

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