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State of the Empire – 3/19/18

Website Updates

Needless to say, with throwing my back out, getting a new carriage (car) before Gallifrey One, attending Gallifrey One, THEN finally getting horribly sick for a week, progress on the website has slowed to a crawl. Luckily, most everything is done in the design end except a couple of loose ends to tie up. Now that all this insanity is behind us, I will be back to tackling a couple of little back end things that have been bugging me about the website design since Day One.


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Future Plans

Life is all about change and how we do or don’t adapt to it. I’ve had too much piled on my royal plate for a long time now and once I committed to creating the Hail King Sombra website, the universe began to move in harmony with that goal to get some extraneous crap off my back that’s been stressing the hell out of me, such as a burdensome car that was sucking our money down the black hole to Tartarus and an equally crazy-making client who wasn’t paying me enough to do all the marketing work on her website she was demanding of me.

I am hoping doing this website will help me towards my ultimate goal of writing each evening and creating content celebrating King Sombra in ways that will bring out what a rich and unique character he is and can be to those those who matter – us, his fans. It will be a struggle to create that time to do it properly on a consistent basis, but so far I have seen glimmers of that happening and know it’s possible. I won’t give up on it until it happens.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to schedule videos and other content while working through those issues that block me from writing his stories. A couple of weeks ago I tackled my backlog of half-finished and not started story ideas by sitting down once a night and writing for a week – even if it was just a couple hundred words. It worked for five days, I actually got a pretty nice scene done, then got side tracked by other priorities. The struggle continues to get back on track and by Tartarus or high water, I will do it! Keep your hooves crossed that progress will continue to be made and one day I’ll be able to get back to the joy of writing every day and helping those other Sombra writers out there with making their stories a reality as well.

Peace out! and remember to always

Hail King Sombra!


2 responses to “State of the Empire – 3/19/18”

  1. Dennis Amador Cherry Avatar

    Congrats on getting rid of the money sucking carriage. So what is the name of your new carriage?
    (Yes, I’m just a troublemaker.)

    1. admin Avatar

      It’s um…well… *looks around to see if Sombra’s listening* its initials are “SA”. That’s all I will reveal.

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