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State of the Empire – 2/4/18

A Turbulent Week for Fandom

It’s funny how so deep one can be into a fandom yet completely miss something that rocks it to its very core. I first found out about such an event last week on an Equestria Daily morning chat when several people were talking about ToonKriticY2K, but not specifically what exactly was going on with him. It was only because someone provided me a couple of YouTube commentary links and from our own Lorenzo how much this individual had really hurt and betrayed everyone he knew in MLP fandom.

As with non-fannish communities, this is an ongoing story as fans who knew him slowly come out and tell their side of what has been an apparently ongoing problem in the community with his behavior not only towards the opposite sex (underage and over), but even with those who were friends or just guilty of being in the same room with him!

Once things settle down a bit (next week, I imagine), I will put my thoughts into a blog about what we can take away from this experience that safeguard everypony in the future.

Ribbons have been ordered for Gallifrey One and Everfree Northwest

A special ribbon to promote the Hail King Sombra website has been ordered for the convention this month. Once we get them in our greedy little hooves, I’ll take pics and upload them to the website.

Website Updates

Story Ratings System

Work has started on the story ratings system I want to put into place. Love/Sex/Romance will be signified by the Crystal Heart, its colors varying according to the form of love taken (romantic love being its original blue, sex red, etc.). The beautiful effects overlaid on the files are from Pixel_Spark’s Photoshop files for the Mad Seeress of the North story cover art. Thank you, darling!


I’ve been tweaking the poll on the home page so it makes more sense to new visitors. It’s title was, “What tags would you like to see on our stories?“. Now it says, “What warning tags do you need to see on our stories?“. If you think this makes more sense or think you have a better way of phrasing it, please tell me here in the comments.

New Pages

new from Hail King Sombra Since new pages added to the website do not show up in the feed, no one will be alerted to their presence unless they look at the menu in the sidebar once in an while. “Terms you might not be familiar with” is a page I had published, but not added to the menu yet and it almost got past me, but I had to throw a new term in it this week so voila! It’s now live.


There are probably other things I’m forgetting here but no one wants to read all that crap. Go off and enjoy the new week and your friendly, neighborhood TimeWitch will keep working in the background to make a website worthy of our beloved King.

Go forth and conqueror, Slaves, and remember to always,

Hail King Sombra!



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  1. Lorenzo Avatar

    all Hail King Sombra! are beautiful king!

  2. Dennis Amador Cherry Avatar

    To me, half the tags double as warnings, so either wording is fine.

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