All new King Sombra…stuff on today’s StalkerCast!

Artwork by OnyxStreak

Hehe, whoopsie!

Hey all, I am planning a very special StalkerCast today to make up for a lack of one last week. (That was rather embarrassing, especially since it was the premiere of the return of King Sombra to our t.v. screens.) So this afternoon at 12:00 noon PST, we’re going to make up for it. I’ll be showcasing all new artwork, our King’s brand new theme music from the series AND tidbits on not one, but TWO new HKS stories! It’s going to be a truly wonderful StalkerCast the likes of which we haven’t had in a very long time.

I’m not dead yet, far from it

Since last October, my life has been a whirlwind culminating in the mother of all writer’s blocks. But, at the same time, I got a diagnosis of osteoarthritis that actually changed my life in a good way. It allowed me to pinpoint why I was physically deteriorating as well as being blocked, and that started me on the road to treatment and recovery. All my regular stalkers already know what’s been going on with me the past year ’cause we stay in touch at least several times a week, so this is merely a recap for them. But, they do not know this next tidbit…and to find out what it is, you HAVE to be in attendance at the StalkerCast TODAY. It’s something that will up my game as far as King Sombra fandom and that in turn, ups all my fan’s entertainment value as well just by association.

Some come join us…

  • …whether you are an old King Sombra fan from day one of his glorious reign or are a new slave, er fan.
  • Come if you have ever stopped by even once to say hi on my FIMFic profile or if we are old, old friends.
  • Stop by because you are super-excited about his return or if you LOVE his new powers and expanded personality.
  • Stop by even if you have no idea who the Tartarus we are and just want to hang and talk King Sombra, MLP or any other thing pony.

Come because you are more than welcome because we – and MLP – are all about that thing called friendship.

Regular StalkerCast times are 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm here at

See you in a few hours and remember to always

Hail King Sombra!






3 responses to “All new King Sombra…stuff on today’s StalkerCast!”

  1. OnyxStreak Avatar

    I mean I know this post is pretty old at this point and it’s great n all but as the artist of that artwork…

    b r u h

    1. admin Avatar

      Yup, pretty old and I didn’t see your comment until over a month later ’cause the email didn’t come through notifying me and I haven’t monitored the site for over a year because, well, pony at that point was DEAD (thank you, stupid Discovery Family and your dumbass programming decisions).

      Still, that doesn’t excuse that for some lame reason I didn’t credit the artwork back to your name unless when I did a search for artwork, it didn’t have your name attached and I couldn’t possibly know who the artist was. I am always very thorough about researching that in case it is marked as “do not share under any circumstances – even if credited”. Maybe I missed it – massive apologies if I did! Those where permission is not given and I know it ahead of time, I do not use and if they do slip through the cracks, I pull them when I’m notified to take them down by the artist.

      When I saw your comment, I traced it back to your DeviantArt profile – and even up until the writing of this post, I don’t see anything that says permission is or isn’t given to sharing it across the internet, so I am still confused as to whether your comment means “please take it down” or “credit it” or what. If you want me to take it down I will, but you have to let me know instead of being rather vague about what you’d like me to do.

      If you want it taken down, I apologize and will do so.

      If you would be okay with me crediting you, I already have in the interim of you contacting me.

      Please just let me know either way. And either way, it is and will always be an AMAZING depiction of our King of Shadows.

      1. OnyxStreak Avatar

        No worries no worries, I’m not mad by any means.

        It was really just meant as a crediting thing since I actually quite like it when people use my artwork. I also know it’s a pretty old post so there wasn’t not much point in commenting but I was rather curious if you’d react well or not to my comment. Needless to say I’m very happy actually.

        I’m quite sorry if I caused any too large inconveniences it was truly not my intention. It was really just a thing of crediting as I was a little surprised since every artwork I could find here was credited aside from mine so I wasn’t sure what was going on.

        Regardless though, thanks a lot 😀 I genuinely appreciate that a lot

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