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State of the Empire – 4/22/18

I’m actually surprised it has only been two weeks since my last State of the Empire. It seems like more. That’s what happens when real life throws more at a mortal than they can normally deal with in one week.

Things have slowed down in that department. I’ve finished all the certifications for my day job and my lower back, while not great, at least is not threatening to cripple me like it was. I have also finished updating my new jewelry inventory program with all the product currently in my Etsy store and started manually entering seven years worth of customer and sales records – not as daunting a task as it sounds since my first two years have less that four sales apiece. Doing a dozen records a day will get that project done before May has come and gone.

I discovered last Monday that the hailkingsombra.com website (along with my others) were effectively paralyzed by overactive WordPress plugins necessary for their function, so I upgraded the memory allocation and that seems to have done the trick, so no more server timeouts. If any of you receive such a message and the website cannot load, please contact me so I can investigate the problem further.

An update on Askre’s father’s condition: Sorry to leave you hanging, but his father checked out fine – just a nasty fall and as far as to date, he is fine. We’re all glad in the Kingdom that he recovered without repercussions.

Right now my creative flow reminds me of a car trying to start – it’s in fits and spurts and unreliable. I was surprised that during a drum circle last Thursday, while I was getting into the rhythm of a round, my mind turned to story ideas and scenes. There may be hope for me yet. It is further validation that my blockages are in part or in whole due to my life being entirely too busy. Gotta work on that.

And to the end of that last item, I will be posting something tomorrow morning that hopefully will help unclog not only my, but the other Sombraphiles’s writer’s blocks that were with me on the StalkerCast today. Stay tuned.

That’s all for now.






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