Dumped in a moat, at least the squid is good.

If you have read the previous entry, there is now in fact a whale in the moat. Mostly here to keep an eye on Nyx when we do joint projects. She also suggested I write an intro, so here in an intro.

Warning, rambing can ensue.

I am Askre, creator of many stories both fanfiction and original. Although since 2012 my fanfic focus has been on Ponies. I have been writing since forever, I have it confirmed from my mother that I started reading before I started school at the age of five and by the time I was 7 simple children’s books were just not enough for me, I was reading things meant for far older audience. I strictly speaking I have been writing since I learned how to write back in first grade, but I personally say I have been writing for around 23-24 years because by the time I was eleven the first seeds of what would become my storyworld were planted. By now after over two decades of writing I got a rather large one but like Tolkien I still need that one story to publish first that will catch on, before my dreams of being a professional writer will become a reality.

I have poured those two decades of writing experience into my fanfiction stories and I’ve been told that it shows. I do know what cliches to avoid and am experienced enough to use others and get away with it. Now Nyx would call me an evil author, but she is not the first one, I have been cursed many times for all the twists and turns and evil things I have happen in my stories since I could remember. What can I say, some characters I just enjoy seeing suffer. The most memorable description I have had of my writing is when a TMNT fan buddy of mine said “The problem with reading Askre’s stories, sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel is a speeding train.”

In terms of MLP, I am a devoted King Sombra fan. I saw DHX create Pony Sauron and get away with it. He’s the only MLP villain I found genuenly frightening. I was never bothered by his lack of lines or screen time, he more than made up for it with presence. So I have basically kept that in mind when writing him, this is Pony Sauron and if you have read Tolkien, you know just what bad news that is.

I got to know Nyx when she started reading my stories and commenting on them and then offered her services as my editor. She had no idea what she was getting herself into. Well now here we are, I’m in the moat and she’s in the castle, guess she showed me.

All my pony stuff can be found on my fimfiction site. I do have a fanfiction account but no stories are being updated there anymore. I have not yet published a complete original story online. If you want  sampling of my original work, two incomplete stories can be read over at Stealthy Stories. Character profiles and species profiles  and even a description of my storyworld can be found there. I also do a silly little pixel comic.

Well there is not much left to tell about me, except well I’m Icelandic and…


Oooh squid.


3 responses to “Dumped in a moat, at least the squid is good.”

  1. Dennis Amador Cherry Avatar

    I’m a member of GLAWS, the Greater Los Angeles Writer’s Society. You always want to create challenges for your characters, especially your protagonists. Many writers think in terms of, “how can I torture my characters”, so you’re not the only one.

    I, too, wish to become a professional writer. My goal is to have some one pay me to play make believe with my imaginary friends all day.

    1. Askre Avatar

      My main trouble right now, is startlingly similar to Tolkien’s even if he didn’t really see it as a problem (he never really intended to write his vast legendarium for anyone except for himself, the Hobbit was a happy accident) , I have over nearly two decades and a half written up a really vast story world, the problem is to find a story within it to begin in it. In other words, I need my Hobbit so to speak.

      So I pass the time writing fanfiction and continue to refine my world and playing it out in RPs.

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