Hasbro Studios MLP:FIM spoiler poster for 2018

We got our hooves on an image on Twitter of a Hasbro Studios MLP:FIM spoiler poster for 2018. Can you spot the spoiler? Let us know in the comments below if you did!

Hasbro Studios MLP:FIM spoiler poster for 2018





One response to “Hasbro Studios MLP:FIM spoiler poster for 2018”

  1. Dennis Amador Cherry Avatar

    Well, the very first picture says MLP Season 8, but the last one on the bottom says MPL Season 9. Is there going to be a ninth season instead of a reboot? Also, MLP:fim Holiday Special? They’ve always done their Hearts Warming Eve episodes in the summer because they finish airing in October.

    And EqG season two? Is that season two of the shorts – so is that another 44 shorts or season two of the 44 minute (one hour with commercials) specials? JUST GO TO HALF HOUR SERIES, ALREADY! That’s what the fans want. And a comic book, come on IDW!

    And in other news, Littlest Pet Shop World of our Own Season One?????

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