Our Art Resources

Gallifreyan Translator – did you notice all the beautiful little circle graphics around here that are vaguely reminiscent of Doctor Who? They are actual text translated through a Gallifreyan Translator.

MLP Wikia – For research on the MLP universe’s history, current events, alternate timelines, quotes and screenshots.

Not our resources, but look useful to somepony out there…


Equestria Daily – Equestria Daily is a clearing house for art of all kinds – be you be inspired by digital art, 3d ponies, plushies or cosplay. This link takes you directly to their archive of all posts in this category. Go there when you have a few hours to look – they’ve been around for years and this archive is HUGE!

Know Your Meme – for snarky MLP memes. Waste a few hours going through them for that perfect meme to piss someone off on Facebook.

MLP Merch – places to unload your disposable income on more pony junk.

updated icon on Hail King Sombra 1/16/18





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