Epic Giant Lifesize Princess Luna Plushie!

Lifesize standing Princess Luna plushie with Swarovski Crystals - by epicrainbowcrafts

This amazingly gorgeous (and big!) Princess Luna mega plushie appeared in Equestria Daily recently. I’ve seen many a Luna plushie, heck I own two myself, but this one is exceptional! It blew me away with its sheer beauty, size, fully poseable wings and hundreds of genuine swarovski crystals embedded in her mane. It is more than worth the hefty price tag. I don’t have the bits to get one now, but for everypony else out there, I located plenty of contact information for you to adopt your own huge Luna. If you have $520 burning a hole in your pocket and are a Princess of the Night fan, why not get her yourself? Check her out on Epicrainbowcrafts DeviantArt page.

Contact Epicrainbowcrafts at:

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  1. Night Blaze Avatar
    Night Blaze

    Now that is a plushie worth having. <3 One can only dream.

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