“Shadow of the Sun” – an Equestria Girls story work in progress update

Shadow of the Sun story teaser image from Hail King Sombra

At 7 chapters and over 16,500 words, I think it is safe to say my new story is far enough along it is viable and will become a thing published in the near future months.

Called, “Shadow of the Sun”, it is set in the world of Equestria Girls and will feature the regular cast of the Human Seven (Mane Six plus Sunset Shimmer), Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna, along with others, including a few characters from the King Sombra Chronicles world.

I am also including Flash Sentry just to piss off his haters, whom I am proud to say DO NOT number among my followers – who are mature and level-headed enough to NOT go off the fucking deep end just because they see FS show up in a friggin’ story. I thank the Law of Attraction for this as I would never diss or downvote a story just because it features a character I am not crazy about.

More details to come as I gain speed and plow through these chapters. Doing two in one day, like I did today, is very encouraging!


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