Evehlys King Sombra review the state of the empire on Hail King Sombra

Working on a very special new idea this morning…

…and, believe it or not, it has NO King Sombra.

He’s going to throw me in the dungeon for this one…





4 responses to “Working on a very special new idea this morning…”

  1. Array Avatar

    i’m intrested to here your new story idea!!!

    1. admin Avatar

      Okay, twist my arm…heh! Here’s a little hint in the form of the Short Description Story Synopsis : There are some friendship problems Twilight Sparkle just can’t fix…

      1. Lorenzo Avatar

        does it involve one of the other three princesses?

        1. admin Avatar

          This particular idea does not. I have so many undeveloped ideas and written story segments that do, though, you’d think I was their biggest fan, lol!

          For princess action in my published stories, check out these:
          Forgive Me (Daybreaker, Celestia’s nightmare self vs. her sister Luna)
          The Prince’s New Sweater (Cadence & Princess Celestia)
          Heavy is the Crown (Luna heavy with a smattering of Celestia)
          The Birthday Wish (Luna intensive, again with a bit of Celestia)

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