Working on a very special new idea this morning…

Evehlys King Sombra review the state of the empire on Hail King Sombra

…and, believe it or not, it has NO King Sombra.

He’s going to throw me in the dungeon for this one…

4 thoughts on “Working on a very special new idea this morning…”

    1. Okay, twist my arm…heh! Here’s a little hint in the form of the Short Description Story Synopsis : There are some friendship problems Twilight Sparkle just can’t fix…

        1. This particular idea does not. I have so many undeveloped ideas and written story segments that do, though, you’d think I was their biggest fan, lol!

          For princess action in my published stories, check out these:
          Forgive Me (Daybreaker, Celestia’s nightmare self vs. her sister Luna)
          The Prince’s New Sweater (Cadence & Princess Celestia)
          Heavy is the Crown (Luna heavy with a smattering of Celestia)
          The Birthday Wish (Luna intensive, again with a bit of Celestia)

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