The Family of Deceit

(This story was inspired by the above shot taken at Gallifrey One this weekend)

“You invited who to the castle, my King?”

“That family we encountered at – where do you say we were this weekend, Nyx?”

“Gallifey One, my liege.”

“Ah yes, Gallifrey.” Sombra paused as a crystal slave pony refilled his tankard.

“There were many families there this weekend, my Dark Heart. Could you perhaps be more descriptive?”

He glanced at his Grand Commander, Iron Blade, who was methodically destroying the last of his leg of manticore braised in crystal berry wine sauce. More than used to the savage way Blade tore into his food, he had little emotion on his face as he asked, “Care to join us on a tour of the castle, my friend?”

The red stallion swallowed his mouthful and glanced at Nyx. “I take it since I have never heard of this land of ‘Gallifrey’ that this was another one of your time hops?”

The TimeWitch laughed. “You think you’re so smart, Blade. Not so much time as dimension.”

“AND time,” Sombra corrected.

“Oh Tartarus,” groaned Iron Blade. “They’ll not be from that HIDEOUS dimension where they all walk on two hooves.”

“You’ll like them,” the female pony argued. “They are evil, deceitful – ”

Blade wiped his mouth, then rose from the table. “Let our King toy with them, then. Deceit is his playground. Me?” He grabbed his sword from the shadow guard in attendance and sheathed it back into the hilt at his side. “I will watch his back, however.”

Nyx pushed her plate away while waving aside the wine offered her in favor of water so to keep her head clear. “And I will watch the look of shock on their faces the first time they attempt to knife a shadow demon,” the TimeWitch said in amusement.


The breakfast done, the trio went to the throne room and took their places, Nyx on a smaller throne next to King Sombra’s, Iron Blade on the King of Shadows’s left hand. A moment later, Tight Planner announced the visiting family. The red war stallion frowned, leaning over to whisper to Sombra, “Why do they all look the same, Sombra? Even the wench looks like her mate.” He shivered, getting a good look at the child – a boy with the countenance of a man, his hooves (or in their case hands) already soaked with blood.

“Regenerations, Blade,” whispered Nyx. “I’ll explain when they’re in the dungeon.”

“A forgone conclusion, eh,” his eyebrow raised. “This should be an interesting visit.”

Sombra ignored the banter, though filed it away for reference. “Welcome, Master Saxon, Lady Missy…”


2018 Master Doctor Who family cosplay 2


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  1. Dennis Amador Cherry Avatar

    Evil comes in all shapes and sizes. Fortunately, it’s just one evil in three different shapes and sizes.

    Major props to this cosplay family!

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