pixel sombra and nyx by Askre, creator of the Pony Pixels

Welcome Pony Pixels to Hail King Sombra

(pixel Sombra & Nyx, courtesy of Askre, creator of The Pony Pixels)

Having been a long-time fan of The Pony Pixels, I couldn’t wait to ask their creator, Askre, to showcase them on Hail King Sombra. Welcome them, ask them questions – just don’t send Sombra (or any of the other characters) booby-trapped items intended to kill them. King Sombra will come and haunt your dreams for it, guaranteed!

Read the entire archive in chronological order.

All you slaves can also go to http://the-pony-pixels.tumblr.com/ to read “the rest of the crap I post”, plus links are on the side for character listing, comic index, etc. – Askre

Part 1 of 1

And so it rises from the ashes of its predecessor. Welcome to the Pony Pixels. The reboot of the old The Pony Pixel Comic.

All characters visible are open to questions, or you can just watch whatever shenanigans Askre puts them through.

(reprinted with full permissions from Askre, creator of The Pony Pixels)


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