Umbrum Magical Circles & Sigils

What are the Umbrum?

I’ve always loved the idea that King Sombra is an Umbrum. For those not familiar with the MLP comics, in their Fiendship is Magic series, he was said to have come from a race called the Umbrum – beings that are mostly a mass of hideously-shaped smoke and shadows who look like this:

With the King himself looking like this underneath his pony flesh:

Is there any Precedence for the Use of Magic Sigils in the MLPverse?

Fall of the Crystal Empire Fan Animation by Silly Filly Studios

There was no precedence for magic sigils useage by inherently magical creatures in the t.v. series. It has only just today been canonized in the episode “The Mean Six”. Up until now, fans took it upon themselves to use them from their favorite anime/video game references when expanding their own head cannons on an obscure part of the universe not fully explained to the viewers of the show. While I don’t have any plans to use such – even though I loved their use in the Fall of the Crystal Empire Fan Animation by Silly Filly Studios – it’s a fun idea to explore and might come in handy in the future.

Sigil of the Umbrum?

The Umbrum are said to be an extremely ancient race. The sigils and magic circles they use should reflect that, being drawn from the base element they themselves resemble most – air.  And now that you have an idea of what this terrifying race looks like and where my interest in magic sigils in the Ponyverse came from, you can imagine that any magic the Umbrum cast would have equally foreign-looking and bizarre magic circles. I wasn’t sure how to envision or recreate them until I accidentally hit upon something very inspiring on DeviantArt:

This is entitled “Element Crest – Wind” and is by Osric90. It immediately reminded me of something so different – like the Umbrum, that it could be an inspiration for, if not their Race’s magic symbol.

So, what do you think? Do you like this as their magic sigil? What would you use as a magic sigil or circle for King Sombra if he were an Umbrum in your universe? Any thoughts? Please let us know in the comments!







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  1. Dennis Amador Cherry Avatar

    Okay. Now someone has to do, “Full Pony Alchemist”.

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