The King is Dead, Love Live the King!

king sombra enthroned 2 from season 9 by Hail King Sombra

Ah Nyx, you’re back from your time hopping, I see. Good. It is about time for my glorious reascension to the throne of the Crystal Empire. And this time it shall not be just the Empire I enslave. I shall take all of Equestria!

I couldn’t even find a single way to crop this beautiful image of King Sombra. To Tartarus (hell) with showing the YouTube time code and the stupid, “Press escape to exit full screen” wording laying right across his horn! *sigh* That’s fine…I’ll just drink in his handsomeness even with the annoying crap plastered all over this screenshot.

You are so goddamn BEAUTIFUL, I will gladly put up with it for six more days. Just please don’t keep that funny lilt in your voice…let it just be a fluke it’s so off-pitch and high because you are mocking Twilight-fucking Sparkle.

Please goddess, have a voice like THIS!


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