Ask King Sombra – The Shot Seen Through the Galaxies

“Ask King Sombra” was drawn by Wiggles, a well-known entity in MLP fandom for her vivacious personality, lovely princess and LARP costumes, her guest of honor appearances at BronyCon and to me, most of all, for her kooky caricature of King Sombra, Kingsley.

While June 27th, 2016 seems like another day in the year to most, I recall not the date so much as the pain I felt at the time. Back then, on Tumblr, the blog “Ask King Sombra” was the source of that pain because through it, I and all his fans witnessed King Sombra blown apart by the crystal heart YET AGAIN.

The amazing thing about the video tribute to Ask King Sombra above, is that it shows the depth of feelings everyone who ever read AKS had for Wiggle’s character Kingsley. Literally hundreds of fans of the blog created artwork – on and off Tumblr showing the bright blue, iridescent column of light that blew through the roof of the Crystal Empire’s castle, signalling the death of Uber, the evil spirit lodged within Kingsley that was responsible for the hapless pony’s reign of terror as King Sombra.

At the time I was so into King Sombra and at the height of my telling his adventures, I could hardly see straight. AKS was one of three Tumblr blogs that had an original, ongoing story based on the Shadow King and I could not get enough of it – or him. The story, fortunately for me, ended on a happy note, but only pushed me into a new determination to continue writing Sombra’s story until there were no more words left in me and no more of his stories to tell.

Luckily that has not happened yet.

* Nyx

– blog references – “Ask King Sombra – Will he Survive?” and “Ask King Sombra – Did he Survive?


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