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Pony Life is coming to the U.S. but do fans care anymore?

Hey all, remember this? I do – barely. Originally slated to release in America in March, well, THAT didn’t happen, right? It might have had something to do with oh…the PANDEMIC that swept the globe or some such shit. Then Discovery Family teased us with THIS Now Discovery Family doesn’t […]

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All new King Sombra…stuff on today’s StalkerCast!

Artwork by OnyxStreak Hehe, whoopsie! Hey all, I am planning a very special StalkerCast today to make up for a lack of one last week. (That was rather embarrassing, especially since it was the premiere of the return of King Sombra to our t.v. screens.) So this afternoon at 12:00 […]

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The #kingsombraiscoming Project

In the rush to get this out, I want to say… hi all! Since I’ve gotten a few new followers on FIMFiciton from my resurgence in story writing, I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on what I’m about and what’s been going on with me, especially before […]

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Frozen Shadows cover by Pixel_Spark for Hail King Sombra
shadow poem by Askre from The Pony Pixels as showcased on Hail King Sombra
askre's whale avatar on Hail King Sombra
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