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All new King Sombra…stuff on today’s StalkerCast!

Hehe, whoopsie! Hey all, I am planning a very special StalkerCast today to make up for a lack of one last week. (That was rather embarrassing, especially since it was the premiere of the return of King Sombra to our t.v. screens.) So this afternoon at 12:00 noon PST, we’re […]

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The #kingsombraiscoming Project

In the rush to get this out, I want to say… hi all! Since I’ve gotten a few new followers on FIMFiciton from my resurgence in story writing, I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on what I’m about and what’s been going on with me, especially before […]

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Frozen Shadows cover by Pixel_Spark for Hail King Sombra
shadow poem by Askre from The Pony Pixels as showcased on Hail King Sombra
askre's whale avatar on Hail King Sombra
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